bounce back – soothing gel 50ml

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A soothing gel to relieve the lumps and bumps of life.
With arnica for bruising, calendula to aid in the healing of cuts and abrasions, and aloe vera to cool and soothe.

100% natural, plant derived and hand-blended product made with great care and love.

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To Use:

Spoon out a small amount of the soothing gel into your hand and gently apply to effected areas. Note: please make sure the affected area has been cleaned/ bathed before applying.
Bounce back is effective in speeding up the skins healing process after any bumps! As arnica has natural properties that speed up the body’s process of clearing away bruising and swelling, and the calendula to calm & restore red, cut, or grazed skin. Mandarin, chamomile and lavender essential oils will help the spirit to bounce back and find joy in the play again.

Re-apply the gel to effected area(s) several times a day to receive maximum benefit.

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