bother-me-not insect repellent 100ml


Bother-me-not repels annoying midges, flies, mosquitoes etc. and helps relieve their effects.
Made with 100% certified organic essential oils and smells pleasant to humans, not bugs!

100% natural biodegradable.

Hand-blended with great care and love from ingredients grown in Australia.

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To use:
Spray on and around the body before and during exposure to insect prone areas. Be sure to spray all exposed skin and rub in as required.
Suitable for most skin types.
Also makes a lovely aromatic room deodoriser.


Filtered mountain rainwater (decyl glucoside), lemon oil* (citrus limonum), tea tree oil* (melaleuca alternifolia), lavender oil*, lemon myrtle oil* (backhouse citriodora), citronella oil* (cymbopogon nardus), eucalyptus oil* (eucalyptus radiata), Australian pennyroyal* (mentha pulegium), 100ml calendula infused oil* (calendula officinalis), geranium egyptian* (pelagonium graveolens), sandalwood oil* (santalum spicatum).
Certified organic ingredients = *

Caution: For mum during pregnancy and with babies under 12 months old spray bother-me-not around, but not directly on the body.
Avoid eyes.

Store below 28C

This product was created by Grayle Herlequin (Dip. MA, Dip HM, Dip VK, Dip RM) during her time as a pilot:

“I did some private research whilst in Medical Aviation using Natural Medicine. It was a case of the Cairns Airport environs were so challenged by mosquitos and midges that some pilots from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands were having re-occurrences of malaria and Denghi Fever…….so I worked with a lot of the flight and ground crews there developing this formula, now known as Garden of Life Organics’ ‘Bother-Me-Not’. It was the only combination I found that worked against all the annoying flying insects and their effects. The ground crew had 12 hour shifts at Cairns Airport and they all said that the repellent would last 9-10 hours.” Grayle Harlequin.

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