Huckleberry Finn Collective

The Huckleberry Finn Circle of Home-Schooling is one of the foundation stones that has motivated the creation of The Garden Of Light. The Circle has inspired a growth and extension of the heart and mind of all who attend. It is a place where minds and hearts are expanded to a greater vision. Where the children are invited to awaken to the mystery of existence and grow in their feeling towards all living beings – to develop in their heart awakening.

The children come together for extra-curricula activities such as horticulture, courses on Indian Cuisine, Martial Arts, Gaelic Football, Shakespeare productions, photography, musicals and concerts. Musical theatre masterclasses, weekends with Nida, excursions to Opera on the Harbour in Sydney are all part of the rich weave that is created for the expansion of the childrens’ existence.

Animal Husbandry and Land Management are taught early each morning, to develop an understanding of holding and caring for animals and what is required to care for and cultivate the land. Projects such as building a treehouse, shelters for the goats and planting of vegetables take place on the weekends.

The Circle is a place of inspiration where children have the chance to experience a vision of education that offers real life experiences as well as important educational lessons. The creation of The Garden Of Light is a response to the expansion of the home-schooling vision. It requires ever growing funding and all profits from the products sold on this website go towards maintaining this vision.

.Huckleberry Finn Circle of Home-Schooling is a non-profit organisation that is truly committed to making a difference.