Welcome to The Garden
Welcome to The Garden
Free Spirits
Free Spirits
Mother and Baby Products
Mother and Baby Products
Balcony settings
Balcony settings
Blooms in Spring
Feel the Mystery...
Feel the Mystery...
Blooms in Spring

Be touched at the Heart

“Our impulse is to support and encourage the wondrous flowering

of all living beings and animals into the radiance of their True Heart’s Desire,

thus allowing the blossoming of Real Life”

Drew Porter – Garden Creator


Garden Tours

A Discovery and Delight


Noah's Ark

Caring for all Animals

Photo Gallery

Beautiful Photos of the Garden and more..

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Energised with Love


Hearts Aflame Productions

The Heart of Entertainment

Huckleberry Finn Circle of Free Spirits

Home School Collective

Featured Projects

Stay tuned with what is unfolding at the garden

Video Project by the Huckleberries

huckleberries, video project

New 2017 Garden Calendar, now available!

2017 calendar, garden, garden of light calendar, photographs

Professional Printing of our Garden Book!

GARDEN CONCERT & Album Launch – March 4th!

New Angel Grotto Creation

angel blessing, angel statue, angel walk

Creation of an Organic Farm

organic farming, tractor, vegetables

Building the Treehouse

at the creek, building project, tree house

Impressionist Photography Project

huckleberries, impressionist photography

Sir Jon’s Circle

architecture, design